What is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse?

Become recognised specialist nurse

A Credentialed Mental Health Nurse (CMHN) is a specialist nurse who has demonstrated meeting the credentialing criteria in relation to registration, education, practice experience, professional development, and professional integrity. 

Be recognised for your skills

The Australian health care environment is changing, with reforms happening across the sector. Governments are looking for efficient and innovative ways to provide treatment and care, and credentialing is increasingly recognised as a means to identify qualified mental health nurses to provide such care.

If you choose to get credentialed, future employers will know that you complete your work to the highest standard, giving you a competitive advantage in application processes.   


formal recognition of skills and experience


a sense of personal achievement


the public profile of mental health nursing as a profession


the importance and value of mental health nursing roles amongst the medical community and public


the public and clients that mental health nurses have advanced and specialist skills


workforce through overarching professional standards and consistency

Claiming MBS item numbers in private practice

As a CMHN in private practice, you have access to a small list of MBS items depending on client eligibility. Unfortunately, MHNs are still not able to claim for services under Better Access - the College continues to advocate for wider access to MBS items for CMHNs.

Meet a CMHN

CMHNs work in a variety of settings, from hospitals to private practices. In these stories, CMHNs tell us what motivates them, the challenges they face, and the benefits of being credentialed.

A passion for teaching and practicing mental health nursing

ACMHN Chair of the Education and Accreditation Committee and South West TAFE lecturer Jillian Reid talks about finding her calling as a mental health nurse, her passion for teaching, and why the Credential is key to getting mental health nurses the recognition they deserve.

On care, credentialing, and credibility

ACMHN Forensic Special Interest Group Chair and Monash University lecturer Alison Hansen tells us about her passion for supporting people’s mental health, the joy of seeing her nursing students grow, and why she’s proud to be credentialed.

Making a positive difference for others

Board Director Professor John Hurley talks about what he enjoys most about mental health nursing, advocating for the profession, and how getting credentialed has helped pave the way for his successful career.