Update on search for a new CEO

Wednesday 24 August 2022

The International Conference looms large in the next few weeks, and the registrations and speakers are beyond expectations. We are looking forward to a brilliant week on the Gold Coast meeting and greeting, listening and learning, and above all, reconnecting with colleagues after a long hiatus.

I have seen some movement in the various governments, with the ACT very interested in the qualifications of mental health nurses (MHNs), and the Victorian release of the double degree proposal. We are fielding enquiries and applications for higher education accreditation, and employers are asking about identifying qualified MHNs. Our presence and contributions in the Better Access review, as well as other committees including the MBS review chaired by the Minister for Health and Aged Care, Mark Butler, is seeing a lifting of our profile with the new federal government. With state and federal governments taking note, we feel there is a good opportunity to gain the recognition qualified MHNs deserve.

Identifying my successor is proving to be a long process, with the new federal government having taken a number of good candidates into advisory and bureaucratic roles. As such, I have advised the Board that even though my resignation has been submitted, and with the Board’s agreement, I will be continuing in the role until a fitting candidate is found. A smooth transition is what is needed, but we need to continue the work of the College in the meantime.

I look forward to the Conference and putting faces to names and listening to ideas for the growth of the College. Once again, I thank the staff for their diligence in preparation for the thrice delayed Conference.

Take care

Stephen Jackson



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