Understanding domestic violence e-learning course

This online self-study program will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, perpetrator tactics and the impact of coercive control within relationships.

The course will explore the impact of coercive control and the direct link between the victim’s experiences of domestic violence and negative mental health impacts.

An overview of best practice responses for clinical interventions to effectively work with victims will be provided. Participants will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills on ways to assess risk and consider obstacles that prevent victims from leaving a violent relationship. This online course will prepare counsellors to use appropriate assessment and facilitation skills to support victims of domestic and family violence. Those undertaking the course will develop skills and knowledge to help clients identify possible options to seek safe solutions for self and the family.

This e-learning course comprises 4 self-paced online study modules and includes video demonstration, practical examples, reflective tasks, readings and an online assessment quiz. CSS utilises psychotherapy.net for training videos used within the course to demonstrate a range of evidence based assessment, formulation and treatment approaches across the various modules. 

  • Module 1: What is Domestic Violence?
  • Module 2: The Dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • Module 3: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Women and Children
  • Module 4: Response Based Practices


Wednesday 2 February 2022 - Wednesday 2 February 2025


10 points






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