Treating PTSD and complex trauma with Dr Leah Giarratano

This four-day trauma education is intended for all mental health professionals globally. Offered in three modes: an engaging self-paced online program over three months, two highly interactive two-day livestreams, or across Australia and New Zealand over four consecutive days. In addition to the quarterly Australian livestreams, Dr Leah Giarratano offers an annual livestream in New Zealand, Asia, USA and UK/Europe.

These two acclaimed, highly practical, evidence-based workshops will underpin your clinical practice in traumatology. The content is applicable to both adult and adolescent populations. The classes offered in capital cities are delivered over four consecutive days and you cannot register for Day 1-2 or Day 3-4 separately in a capital city (except in Auckland and Brisbane). You must be able to attend four consecutive days in order to register in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Please note that for all three modes, you are required to attend Treating PTSD (Day 1-2) before attending Treating Complex Trauma (Day 3-4) as essential material is covered in the first workshop and not repeated in the second. The programs work together and while you may choose to do the first but not the second, they don't work the other way around. The two online modes attract 15 CPD/CE hours (Day 1-2) and 24 CPD/CE hours (Day 3-4) or 39 CPD/CE hours for the full Day 1-4 program. The capital city mode attracts 14 CPD/CE hours (Day 1-2) and 14 CPD/CE hours (Day 3-4) or 28 CPD/CE hours for the full Day 1-4 program in a capital city.


Multiple dates available



Keynote speakers:

Dr Leah Giarratano


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