Trauma informed care with older Australians

This webinar focuses on trauma informed care in people who are ageing. Mental illness is common in older people and often unrecognised by family and health care professionals as it can be wrongly attributed to irreversible effects of ageing or physical and environmental changes in an older persons life2. Good mental health is essential to successful ageing and when an older person has mental health concerns it is important for general practitioners to identify this and make informed choice about referrals to health professionals who may be able to offer them trauma informed care if required.


Discuss how trauma informed care can support the mental health care of older Australians.

Learning outcomes:

Through a facilitated panel discussion, about trauma informed care, at the completion of the webinar participants will:

  • Discuss how the long-lasting effects of trauma can influence the life of older Australians
  • Outline the impacts of treatment and support sought by older people who have experienced trauma
  • Discuss practical tips and strategies to engage in trauma informed care with older people
  • Identify ways to improve interdisciplinary collaboration and referral pathways in the care of older people.


Thursday 18 November 2021


7:15pm-8:30pm (AEDT) recording online untill 2023



Mental Health Professional's Network

Keynote speakers:

E/Prof. Judith Atkinson

Dr Johanna Lynch

Dr Duncan McKellar

Facilitated by Dr Stephen Ginsborg


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