Tips and strategies in using technology for mental health consulting

This facilitated panel discussion will assist you to become better equipped to improve outcomes of online consultations, overcome challenges, and increase your confidence in telephone and/or videoconferencing.

Watch this facilitated panel discussion to:

  • Improve awareness of the opportunities, challenges and risks in conducting mental health consultations by telephone and/or videoconferencing
  • Identify practical tips and strategies which support good outcomes (for the practitioner and the client) for telephone and/or videoconferencing mental health consultations
  • Increase confidence in using telephone and/or videoconferencing to establish and/or maintain the therapeutic relationship with your client/s


Recording online until 2023


03 8662 6611



Mental Health Professionals' Network


Ms Tessa Moriarty

Mental health nurse

Dr Monica Moore


Mr David Xuereb


Facilitated by Professor Mark Creamer

Clinical psychologist


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