Talking with politicians and dealing with floods

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Yet another busy two weeks. With Federal Parliament sitting, I spent time up at Parliament House, meeting with Assistant Minister Emma McBride, and staff from Minister Bill Shorten’s and Minister Mark Butler’s offices. We did have a lot of wait time, and meetings were moved and delayed as the bells of parliament rang, and many arrangements were changed on the fly. My few hours extended to two days, but there was a lot of interest in mental health nursing, the clear identification of qualified MHNs, and the need for better recognition of those qualifications in both the government and private sectors. MBS and Better Access, as well as the NDIA were discussed at length, and at the end of the week I am of the opinion that there is a definite keenness to upgrade recognition and better engage with MHNs across the board. I am again meeting with the Department of Health tomorrow to further the cause.

Progress on the 2023 Conference is being made, with the Scientific Committee working closely with the College staff and the venue to build the framework for a bigger and better event. The feedback has been marvellous and many good ideas incorporated for 2023.

The search for my successor is nearing completion, and we hope to make an announcement later this month. I am quite excited by the path proposed, and feel the College will go from strength to strength.

My heartfelt wishes go out to all those affected by the ongoing flood crisis across large parts of Australia. I was due in Canberra today, but the floods have cut me off and so we fall back on video calls and emails. I am luckier than many. A warmer and dryer time is hoped for as soon as possible.

Take care

Stephen Jackson



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