Systemic family assessment and practice workshop

Effective family intervention can only occur when the clinician has conducted a thorough assessment. This involves using genograms in engagement and applying a structured assessment format involving exploring and understanding family patterns of functioning. This workshop will provide participants with a solid introduction in how to conduct an interview using genograms in assessment. It will also cover how to develop a sound case formulation plan and how to apply family focused interventions. A range of questioning techniques and treatment options will also be discussed with opportunities to discuss this using case examples and small group practice in breakout rooms.

Participants will learn how to explore family patterns of both contributing and maintaining factors influencing the development and maintenance of problem behaviours and relationships. There will be opportunities to practice skills in using genograms in assessment, develop systemic hypotheses and case formulation to guide interventions. There will also be opportunities to review video examples of family assessments and treatment planning as well as opportunity to practice and use various assessment tools throughout the workshop. 


Friday 11 March 2022 - Tuesday 11 March 2025


Friday 22 April 2022








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mental health nurse CPD courses, systemic family assessment, systemic family assessment course

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