Supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of children with higher weight

This webinar will discuss practice approaches to support practitioners to explore children with higher weight’s perception of their weight and their hopes, preferences and choices for a healthy, balanced and happy life. Panellists will discuss strategies that will help practitioners to better understand the context of the child and their family’s life, rather than the category of their weight.

Learning outcomes

  • Discuss how children with higher weight are at greater risk of negative mental health outcomes.
  • Outline strategies to address the effects of weight stigma and bullying on children with higher weight.
  • Discuss how to explore the child’s best and healthiest life, rather than weight and weight loss.
  • Identify strategies to develop a team of supporting adults around the child, who provide cohesive and encouraging messages for children with higher weight.
  • Discuss how to use positive and non-judgmental language when working with children with higher weight and their families.


Thursday 17th November 2022


7:15 pm - 8:30 pm (AEDT)




Julie Middleton
0407 809 526


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Dr. Michaela Baulderstone (SA – General Practitioner)
Megan McClintock (NSW – Dietitian)
Amanda (QLD- Child and Family Partner) 

Facilitated by:

Dr. Daniel Moss (SA - Workforce Development Manager)


mental health nurse CPD courses, mental health nursing

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