Special Interest Groups 

The ACMHN hosts several Special Interest Groups which are forums for members to discuss information relating to the mental health nursing profession, from insights into clinical practice to the newest research. 

Consultation Liaison

The CL SIG provides members of the College who have a particular interest in CL with a forum for exchanging news, views, and ideas in this evolving and emerging sub specialty in mental health nursing. The CL SIG promotes research endeavours and other matters of interest in CL by sponsoring an annual conference and via other means such as meetings or workshops that are considered timely and worthwhile.

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

Seeking a new Chair for this SIG, EOI's to: enquiries@acmhn.org

The College's Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Special Interest Group is for mental health nurses and other interested people in the field of perinatal and infant mental health. Perinatal mental health describes the emotional and psychological wellbeing of parents and their baby from the time of conception up until one year postnatally.

Forensic Mental Health

The ACMHN Forensic Mental Health Nursing SIG re-grouped in late 2020 with the aim of bringing forensic mental health nurses in Australia together. It is a space for sharing of research and ideas, learning, collaboration and reflection. The SIG now meets once every two months and has had a variety of presenters, both nationally and internationally. Presenting their work in a variety of areas such as restrictive interventions and assessment of violence and aggression.

Older Adults Mental Health

Seeking a new Chair for this SIG, EOI's to: enquiries@acmhn.org

The Older Adults Mental Health SIG allows clinicians, researchers, academics, and mental health nurses with a particular interest in the mental health of older adults to discuss issues, share resources, and network across the country.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is a core component of contemporary professional mental health nursing practice and central to practicing within the ACMHN Standards of Practice for Australian Mental Health Nurses. In this SIG, members discuss insights and research relating to clinical supervision, and organise a wide range of events.


The Psychotherapy SIG is committed to strengthening and supporting MHN and MHNP practice and skills through psychotherapy clinical supervision, ongoing learning or training, and by supported self-study via a personal therapy processes to ensure optimal outcomes.

Nurse Educator

The ACMHN Mental Health Nurse Educator Special Interest Group (NE SIG) provides a forum for mental health nurse educators, no matter their role in mental health nurse education. This SIG is an opportunity for specialist mental health nursing education to fill the gap for educators across Australia.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioner – with specialised scope of practice in psychiatry and mental health care, is a developing area within the Australian health care system. This Special Interest Group supports those who are interested in, or developing and currently working in, a MHNP role.

Contemplative Practices

The ACMHN Contemplative Practices Special Interest Group (ConSIG) is focused on the development of contemplative practices, firstly to support mental health nurses' wellbeing and secondly, as a set of transferable skills which can be put into practice by people who experience mental health conditions to improve their wellbeing.