Solution focused brief therapy workshops

Left Turn specialises in using solution focused approaches in therapy/clinical settings (Solution focused brief therapy ), organisations (solution focused in organisations), and educational settings. However, the 'Solution Focused' approach is not limited to this, it can be used virtually anywhere that people want change, but are not sure how to achieve it.

Left Turn are offering 3 core Solution focused workshops:
•SF1 - An Introduction to Solution Focused Approaches
•SF2 - Consolidation of Solution Focused Knowledge and Skills
•SF3 - Advanced Solution Focus

Each workshop will be highly interactive, with a mix of small and large group discussions, 1 on 1 interviews (using basic scenarios), and videos of real clients.

SF1 will provide the foundation for your Solution Focused journey, giving you enough theory and techniques to start using it straight away, while SF2 consolidates your knowledge and experience after you have had a chance to try it out in your workplace.

David is a mental health nurse with over 25 years of mental health experience including 19 years working in Emergency Departments. He is the President of the Australasian Solution Focused Association and has an international reputation for using the solution focused approach in acute mental health areas. 


May 2022 - May 2025

Event dates:

Various dates available


Opportunities for face to face and online classes


David Hains

0457 021 598


7 points per workshop


mental health nurse CPD courses, solution focused therapy

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