Shrinking problems with children and families

Develop a range of practice skills for working with children in relation to problems that are affecting their mental health and social and emotional wellbeing.

Watch this facilitated panel discussion to be better equipped to:

  • Discuss how to enable children to describe problems in their own terms and in ways that are meaningful and useful for them
  • Outline how to work with children to understand how problems are impacting on their lives and noticing the limits of these impacts so that children’s strengths, skills, and know-how can be explored
  • Identify how to ensure problems are understood in the social context of children’s lives so that shame is minimised and overcome in the lives of children
  • Discuss how to help children to notice when problems are shrinking, and the skills, and know-how they have used to shrink the problem


Recording online until 2023


03 8662 6606



Mental Health Professionals' Network


Emi Smith

Child and family partner

Dr Jamie Lee


Carolyn Markey

Family therapist

Facilitated by Chris Dolman

Senior workforce development manager


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