Reflecting on the 46th International Mental Health Nursing Conference

Wednesday 21 September 2022

What an amazing, both positive and negative and certainly poignant, three weeks we have just had. Preparations for and delivery of the Conference, which has proved to be a great success; the passing of the Queen, which affected many and be assured that the College has sent its condolences; but on a brighter note, my eldest son’s wedding was held last weekend, a joyous and inspirational event. We are now working through the outcomes of the Conference, realigning calendars that have been rewritten as has Federal Parliament’s timetable, and working on the ongoing advocacy for MHNs with politicians and bureaucrats. We have also had positive meetings with some unions with common objectives, and other peak bodies who also have similar ideas.

Two areas of particular interest right now are the need for MHNs with experience with older Australians, and/or in the NDIS space, to contribute to papers and submissions being elicited from the College. If you are interested in contributing to either or both of these areas, please email

Can I just reiterate the warmth and positive vibe emanating from the Conference. We have many great ideas as take aways, many members wanting to get involved in building the College, much great feedback on all the speakers, and positive changes of attitude for some senior attendees who have significant influence in the future of MHNs.

Now, on to an even more successful Conference in Melbourne 2023.

Stephen Jackson



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Nurse Consultant – SA Health

Nurse Consultant – SA Health
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