Older Adults Mental Health Special Interest Group


The Older Adults Mental Health (OAMH) SIG brings together clinicians, academics, researchers, and students who are keen to develop their knowledge and understanding of the issues associated with mental health and ageing for a rapidly growing population of adults over the age of 65 years in Australia. The focus of this SIG is one of collegiality, networking, peer support and sharing of resources and information with colleagues around Australia who are involved with the mental health nursing care of older adults.

What is a OAMH nurse?

The OAMH nurse provides specialist assessment and treatment for persons over 65 years of age who experience severe and complex mental health problems, especially those with complications of ageing.

The OAMH nurse delivers contemporary evidence-based interventions, either by structured program or care coordination, with a strong focus on providing access to a holistic range of biopsychosocial interventions tailored to individual needs.


Older Australia at a glance, Mental health

Learn more about mental health in the context of ageing, and what kind of mental health services older adults in Australia tend to access in this resource from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

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The importance of caring to older persons' mental health nurses: a cross-sectional study

In this research paper, the authors evaluate the key role that care plays when mental health nurses work with older adults. 

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To find out more about how mental health nurses can support older adults, check out this resource from the UK Royal College of Nursing.

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