Mental Health Nurses Day goes international!

Tuesday 21 February 2023

“In a world impacted by the after effects of COVID and growing challenges to families and our communities, taking time to recognise the heroic work of Mental Health Nurses is a global responsibility,” says ACMHN CEO Adrian Armitage.

Today, the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN) and our members are pleased to celebrate the 5th annual Mental Health Nurses Day. This day of celebration is an ongoing commitment to highlighting the value of mental health nurses (MHNs).

Working with the UK Mental Health Nurses’ Day organisation, the ACMHN is excited to join this international event for 2023, demonstrating growing recognition of mental health nursing as a specialty profession in its own right.

The ACMHN team will promote the day via its social media channels encouraging MHNs in Australia and around the world to share what they love about the industry in the celebration using #MHNursesDay.

MHNs provide a range of services and support to their communities, from rural and regional areas to the inner city, providing a variety of treatments that take into consideration the holistic needs of the consumer. By sharing their experiences working in mental health, MHNs can demonstrate how they contribute to the wider healthcare system and supporting positive physical and mental health.

“The social media marketing campaign for this year’s celebration of MHNs will create a great opportunity for engagement with members and interested stakeholders across the country and globally,” said Mr Armitage.

“The ACMHN is the voice of the mental health nursing profession in Australia, representing 24,000 MHNs. Mental Health Nurses Day presents a contemporary annual event for celebration of this cohort.”

“We are committed to advancing the profession of mental health nursing to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of all those living in our communities, and Mental Health Nurses Day is a fantastic occasion to describe and share the impact of MHNs,” added Mr Armitage.

For further comment, please contact ACMHN Media Officer, Sophie Howard on: (02) 6285 1078.


Australian College of Mental Health Nurses press release

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