Meeting with the Federal Health Minister

Wednesday 4 August 2021

The Board has met again and continues to schedule out-of-session meetings to progress the strategic plan, educational matters with stakeholders, website, and a review of both the structure of the College and its constitution. Amongst all of that, a number of interactions with leading politicians and relevant departments are showing progress, as are the preparation and submission of responses to various working groups and inquiries. Just today, the Federal Mental Health Minister contacted the College to progress the recognition of the mental health nursing profession. The National Mental Health Workforce Taskforce, of which we are a member, is nearing its submission date to government, with mental health nurses (MHNs) well represented in its findings.

The Conference continues to grow, with significant interest and registrations from across Australia. South East Queensland is very active, and a number of universities and other education facilities are seeking group access to the conference. Despite the current lockdown situations, it is looking good for November.

Our best wishes and support to all the locked down areas. We have had interactions with both government and members affected by the various situations across Australia and hope we have contributed to better working conditions and access. It is good to see the increase, albeit small, in the plentiful AstraZeneca vaccine, of which I am getting my second jab next week.

We continue to work with governments in the identification of qualified mental health practitioners, and in particular, how MHNs are identified as such. Any examples outside of the norm can be sent through to the College and will be treated confidentially.

Take care

Stephen Jackson



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