Meeting with decision-makers

Wednesday 19 October 2022

The College’s AGM is a month away, and invitations will be sent out shortly. With the ratification by the Board of the Audited Financials, the positive outcome of the Conference, and progress on many other matters, the next 12 months and beyond is looking bright for the College. The AGM will be an online event, with a simple agenda to comply with the Constitution, setting a stable platform for the year ahead. We have reviewed the Constitutional requirements for the Board which will see the current Board remain in place until a full election can take place for a new Board, including the election of the College President, for the next AGM in 2023.

Planning for the 2023 Melbourne Conference has started, and many learnings and ideas from your generous feedback for the 2022 Gold Coast event are being considered and incorporated. Please keep the 13th – 15th September 2023 free.

I am meeting with Emma McBride next week, Bill Shorten early next month, and with the Department of Health fortnightly. Conversations have followed up our meeting on the Gold Coast with Alison McMillian, and we are joining workforce-related committees both at the federal and state level. Interesting work is being done with the unions in both NSW and Victoria.

I trust you are all keeping safe in these deluged times, my own town has been cut by floods thrice this year – so far.

Stephen Jackson



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