Live from #ACMHN2022

Wednesday 7 September 2022

The team is busy delivering what is proving to be a very successful Conference. Five staff are on site ably supported by a number of exceptional volunteers, and two staff are providing back-office support from the Canberra office. A real team effort. It is certainly an event much looked forward to with its history of being thrice delayed over the past three years since the Sydney conference. The attendees are speaking highly of the opportunities to listen to peers, learn from experts, and to spend time with people we only know by zoom or email address. The opportunity for face-to-face interactions has been sadly lacking over the past three years, and it is proving to be a hit here on the Gold Coast. We have 500 attendees, a range of excellent speakers on a myriad of topics, and the new presenter stream is a real hit with attendees.

The College’s President, Mike Hazelton, Vice-President John Hurley, and I had a good conversation with Alison McMillan on the need to recognise the qualifications of mental health nurses (MHNs), and our proposals and recommendations were both understood and now well received. A good step forward in our quest for good recognition of the value and strength of qualified MHNs. This was echoed with Christine Morgan and Amelia Callaghan.

A special mention and thanks to the members and friends who have stepped up to ensure the delivery of a great conference experience. It warms to soul to see and feel the passion for the profession.

Stephen Jackson



mental health nursing

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