Letter of support and two new SIGs

Wednesday 27 October 2021

I would like to open with the College's thanks to the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and the eight other nursing-related organisations that combined to publish a letter of support. In the letter, these organisations state their support of the work the College has been doing raising the visibility of mental health nurses and our repeated call for the inclusion of mental health nurses as a solution for the pressure on the Australian mental health system.

The College continues to lobby at all levels of government and with related organisations to raise its profile, and gain better recognition of this nursing specialty. Just today I had a long meeting with the Federal Department of Health and was very pleased with the support and encouragement, as well as advice, for the advancement and recognition of, in particular, qualified MHNs. Our positions on a number of advisory bodies are proving very positive.

The College's Board is working towards announcing the strategic plan at the AGM on 29 November. An invitation to all members will go out this week.

Stephen Jackson



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