Introducing the new CEO

Wednesday 30 November 2022

In my penultimate introduction to the College Connections, I am pleased to be able to talk about my successor, Adrian  Armitage. After a careful and transparent recruitment process where we started by seeking College members who may be interested, through to searching both MHNs and then the wider health NFP environment, I am very happy with the outcome. Adrian Is a highly skilled leader and experienced CEO, with close connections to both nursing and mental health. He is joining the College from the Australian Medical Students Association from early 2023. However, to demonstrate his keenness and energy, he has been meeting with me and the College staff to start his induction process before coming through the door.

As a Canberra resident, and a very well-connected member of the health fraternity at all levels, Adrian is already working to carry the College’s story further, and to get the right partnerships and recognition needed. I will continue to work for a smooth transit of the college to Adrian, as will Mike Hazelton and the staff.

The Annual General Meeting of the College was last week, and it was conducted in accordance with the Constitution. I confirmed the 2021-22 result of a deficit of $29k, and explained the abnormal expenses and the unusual effect Conferences have when they don’t occur as scheduled. My thanks again to the Board and to the staff, and to the members who had insightful questions both at the meeting and after the event. The atmosphere was positive and warm, with good discussions and outcomes.

In the past few weeks I have both seen and heard the College mentioned, reference, and consulted by a number of other peak bodies, as well as politicians, bureaucrats, and the media. The seeds sown over the past few years are coming together and I believe the basis for 2023 to be a great year for the College and its members.

Take care

Stephen Jackson



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