Introducing child and family practice to parents

Register now and hear a panel of experts discuss strategies for establishing inclusive practice with children and parents that allows families to view themselves as the experts in their own lives.

Watch this facilitated panel discussion to be better equipped to:

  • Outline how to make children and parents more active within professional practice and how to privilege the skills and know-how of children and parents
  • Illustrate examples of conversations with parents and children that pave the way for relationships that are collaborative, accountable, and honouring of children’s voices
  • Discuss how practitioners’ and parents’ perspectives need to shift to become more child-led
  • Illustrate examples of the skills that practitioners can use to help children become more comfortable within a professional setting.


Recording online 2023


03 8662 6611



Emerging minds


Dr Melinda Goodyear


Olivia Clayton


Jaisen Mahne

Child and Family Partner

Facilitated by Jacquie Lee

Communications Officer


child and family practice, mental health nurse CPD courses

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