International Journal for Mental Health Nursing

As part of your College membership, the ACMHN offers exclusive access to the the renowned International Journal for Mental Health Nursing. The Journal provides a lively forum for the exchange of ideas on all issues relevant to mental health nursing, including directions in education and training, management approaches, policy, ethical questions, theoretical inquiry, and clinical concerns. You have to login as a College member to view the Journal.

Unfortunately,  Wiley does not have an option for any of their online magazines to produce a hard copy.

For Wiley's global health science portfolio, 51 per cent of the titles were online only in 2020 (up from 2 per cent in 2011). The College's rep at Wiley has a portfolio of 16 titles, and only four still have a print component. This is expected to reduce significantly in the next few years. As of last year, all of the titles owned by Wiley are published online only.

Reducing the print component of the Wiley business helps reduce its carbon footprint (44 per cent of which is currently attributable to the distribution of printed products), as well as paper consumption and packaging materials. Under Wiley's ‘Go Green’ initiative for every print copy eliminated, Wiley will plant a tree through its partnership with Trees for the Future – with a goal of one million trees in three years by reducing the Wiley print volume by one million copies.

IJMHN - Latest issue

The IJMHN is a fully refereed journal discussing current trends and developments in mental health practice and research, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on all issues of relevance to mental health nursing. It is free to access to all members of the ACMHN.