Future of the ACMHN looking good

Wednesday 5 October 2022

The year is moving quickly, and we have just about finalised all matters relating to the Conference. It has proved to be a good event in so many ways, and in particular it has helped underwrite the costs of the College, as well as being a great coming together of those that have not seen each other (other than virtually) for many a year. The College does not rely on the Conference alone for income, and advertising is proving to be a good stream, with organisations applying for accreditation by the College also proving very positive. Details will be discussed at the College’s AGM which will be an online event in late November. Also to be tabled at the AGM is the audited financial statements for last financial year, and we are once again very close to a break-even year. That puts this financial year in good standing for a positive outcome and growth of both services and voice.

The search for my successor continues, and many have been considered but none are yet to meet the high standard sought by the Board. We have more interviews shortly, and there are some promising candidates in this round. Timing is proving to be good with the government only just starting to actually listen and take note of the many organisations making representations. We are booked with ministers over the next month after the passing of the Queen delayed parliament. A smooth handover of the reins here is likely this year. To that end, the current Board is adhering to the Constitutional requirements and remaining in place to provide stability through to the 2023 AGM when a full election will be held.

I trust you are all well, and that the last three years have not been too draining. A bright future awaits all that look for it!

Take care

Stephen Jackson



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