Former news magazine

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses produced a news magazine from 2010-2019, which contained many stories and pieces of news for mental health nurses. Due to various circumstances, the news magazine had to be put on hold in 2020, but we invite you to read through the previous editions collected here.

2019 - Autumn

This edition features an update from our CEO about nurse shortages in Australia, and from our President who discusses the College's submission to help shape the new registered nurses accreditation standards. We also have a number of excellent articles covering topics such as primary care, recovery alliance theory, the future of the the mental health nursing workforce, and more.

2019 - Winter

This edition features an update from our CEO about the European Psychiatric Nurses Conference and from our President who outlines continued efforts to lobby for greater recognition of mental health nurses. This time, our articles discuss mental health care in the developing world, the use of group supervision, aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing, and more.

2019 - Spring

In this edition, our CEO discusses the World Health Organisation placing increasing importance on mental health, and our President highlights why we need integrated care in mental health. Our authors also look at mindfulness practice, improving Australia's perinatal mental healthcare, and more.