Forensic Mental Health Nursing SIG

The ACMHN Forensic Mental Health Nursing SIG re-grouped in late 2020 with the aim of bringing forensic mental health nurses in Australia together. It is a space for sharing of research and ideas, learning, collaboration and reflection. The SIG now meets once every two months and has had a variety of presenters, both nationally and internationally. presenting their work in a variety of areas such as restrictive interventions and assessment of violence and aggression.

The Forensic SIG welcomes all forensic mental health nurses and mental health nurses who may have an interest in forensic mental health nursing to join. Please get in touch with any ideas for presentations/discussion topics or suggested presenters (this may even be you!).

Meet the Chair

Alison is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse and lecturer at Monash University, with a background in the area of forensic mental health nursing, specifically working with women in this setting. She is currently enrolled in a doctor of philosophy (nursing) exploring the use of seclusion for women in forensic mental health settings. She has taught in and coordinated pre-registration programs, and taught in post-registration nursing programs, with her main teaching focus being mental health, and law and ethics for nurses.

Wrapping up the year

ACMHN Forensic Mental Health Special Interest Group (Forensic SIG) Alison Hansen looks back at the year that has been, and asks members to send in their ideas for 2022.

Resources list

If you're interested in forensic mental health nursing, you might find some of these resources useful.

Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health

Forensicare (Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health) is the state-wide specialist provider of forensic mental health services in Victoria. It is the only agency in Victoria that provides clinical forensic mental health services which span all components of the mental health and criminal justice sectors.

Justice, Health and Forensic Mental Health Network

The Network delivers health care to adults and young people in contact with the forensic mental health and criminal justice systems, across community, inpatient and custodial settings.

Department of Correctional Services

The Department for Correctional Services is responsible for prisoners, the offenders in our communities, and the provision of rehabilitation opportunities.

Department of Health and Human Services - Forensic Mental Health Services

Tasmania's Forensic Mental Health Services provides community and inpatient mental health assessment, treatment and case management for offenders (or people at risk of offending) who have a mental illness.

Justice Health ACT - The Forensic Mental Health Service

The Forensic Mental Health Service is a specialist service based in the court, custodial, youth detention, and community settings. It provides assessment and intervention for people with a mental illness who have or are at risk of committing a criminal offence.

The State Forensics Mental Health Services

The State Forensic Mental Health Service (SFMHS) provides healthcare for people with mental illness in Western Australia within the criminal justice system.

North Queensland Community Mental Health Services

The North Queensland Community Forensic Mental Health Service provides specialist assessments, interventions, recommendations and liaison with mental health services.

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