The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses hosts a series of events each year, including Special Interest Group seminars, public forums, branch symposiums, and our big annual International Mental Health Nursing Conference.

Some of our events are for members only. Please log in through the members portal if you'd like to access them.

17 April 2023-AOD and Mental Health: Recommendations from the Royal Commission – hosted by Victorian Branch

Western Australia Branch Autumn Symposium 2023Mental ... find out more

19 May 2023-Western Australia Branch Autumn Symposium 2023
8-9 June 2023 – Consultation Liaison Special Interest Group Annual Conference

Past events

15 September 2021-Forensic mental health service delivery in Aotearoa: Past and present

ACMHN Members Forum-September The ACMHN Members ... find out more

22 September 2021-ACMHN Members Forum
29 September 2021-Solution focused therapy hosted by the Psychotherapy SIG
5 October 2021-ACMHN Online Event for BPD Awareness Week
6 October 2021- Autism Spectrum Disorder hosted by the Western Australia Branch
13 October 2021-Psychotherapy SIG Members Forum hosted by the Psychotherapy SIG
26 October 2021-Working individually while thinking systemically – introduction to family therapy hosted by the Psychotherapy SIG
3 November 2021-Victorian Branch online event
8 November 2021- Western Australia Branch event – Review of the Mental Health Act 2014
10 November 2021-Sleep in custody – tell em’ they’re dreaming
12 November 2021-ACMHN Symposium hosted by the ACMHN Northern NSW Branch
17 November 2021- Bringing Solution Focused Therapy in the perinatal space
24 November 2021-Clinical supervision for nurses and midwives: What is our position and what comes next?
29 November – ACMHN Annual General Meeting
1 December 2021-ACMHN Members’ Online Forum
7 December 2021-Southern QLD Branch online event
8 December – Group discussion and networking – Nurse Educator SIG online event

Victorian BranchIn-person Christmas partyAt the upcoming ... find out more

13 December-VIC Branch Christmas party
16 December – End of year Christmas catch-up – Consultation Liaison SIG
23 February 2022-Child and infant case presentation hosted by Nurse Practitioner SIG
16 March 2022-Continuing professional development with Nurse Practitioner SIG
17 March 2022-Setting SIG priorities meeting with Clinical Supervision SIG
22 March 2022-Victoria Branch: Meet and greet with Events Manager
23 March 2022-Working with groups hosted by Psychotherapy SIG
5 April 2022-SIG update and forum hosted by Psychotherapy SIG

Members' ForumMeet Interim President John Hurley, ... find out more

6 April 2022-ACMHN Members Forum
20 April 2022-Education session on trauma informed care hosted by Southern Queensland Branch
27 April 2022-Clinical supervision for mental health nurses hosted by Forensic Mental Health SIG
28 April 2022-What impact do consultation liaison nurses have on the mental health care of general hospital patients? Hosted by Consultation Liaison SIG
3 May 2022-Understanding and being effective when working with young people hosted by Northern NSW Branch
11 May 2022-Continuing professional development online event hosted by Nurse Practitioner SIG
12 May 2022-Southern Queensland Branch: International Nurses Day breakfast pop up event
16 May 2022-Online event with Anna Love hosted by Victorian Branch
8 June 2022-Guided imagery and music hosted by Psychotherapy SIG
17 June-The who, the what, the how of workplace resilience hosted by the Northern Territory Branch
18 June 2022-ACMHN response to the ‘Queensland Mental Health Select Committee – Inquiry’, hosted by ACMHN Southern QLD Branch
6 July 2022-Members’ Forum
13 July 2022-Continuing Professional Development with Nurse Practitioner SIG
14 July 2022-National forensic mental health project: A national research project to ascertain the views of system stakeholders hosted by the Forensic Mental Health Nurses SIG
18 July 2022-Mental Health Victorian strategy, through mental health nurses’ education, recruitment, and retention for the mental health workforce hosted by the Victorian Branch
25 July 2022-Western Australia Branch evening education meeting on Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). 
17 August 2022-Client presentation with comorbid MS hosted by Nurse Practitioner SIG
18 August 2022-Inaugural meeting of the Contemplative Practices SIG
24 August 2022-New approach to suicide prevention in NSW hosted by Psychotherapy SIG
28 September 2022-Online event hosted by Southern Queensland Branch
12 October 2022-National forensic mental health project: A national research project to ascertain the views of system stakeholders hosted by the Forensic Mental Health Nurses SIG
14 October 2022-Breakfast education meeting hosted by Western Australia Branch
20 October 2022-Power Threat Meaning Framework webinar hosted by Psychotherapy SIG

Members' ForumTo register for the upcoming ... find out more

9 November 2022-Members’ Forum

ACMHN Credentialing Information Session The Australian ... find out more

10 November 2022-ACMHN Credentialing Information Session