Event and product endorsement

What is endorsement?

Through the endorsement process, the ACMHN assesses and recognises professional events, educational activities, and products. The process is based on the principles of adult learning and recognises the importance of different forms of teaching, different styles of learning, and different professional needs. 

The aims of endorsement are: 

  • To ensure a minimum standard for professional development activities in mental health nursing are met
  • To allocate points consistently and equitably, reflecting the specialist or generalist value of the activity 
  • To ensure the activities are relevant to the needs of the members as well as of employers, clients, and the community
  • To provide feedback for the improvement of the educational and training value of the activities 

The criteria are derived from empirically-based research into the effectiveness of professional development as a quality assurance mechanism.

Endorsement application

The application form provides detailed information about endorsement.

Why does the ACMHN provide an endorsement service?

The ACMHN endorsement service provides mental health nurses with confidence that an educational event or activity meets the standard set by their professional body. Endorsed activities or events are assessed against criteria to establish that they are well organised, meet legal requirements, and are based on up-to-date evidence. 

The ACMHN maintains a list of all endorsed products on our website, providing an event with additional marketing exposure. 

What are the levels of endorsement?

There are two levels of endorsement, which differ depending on the relevance of the material to mental health nurses:

Level 1

Applies to all educational events, products, and materials relevant to mental health nursing. 

Level 2

Applies to all educational events, products, and materials that are targeted toward, and prepared specifically for, mental health nurses. 

How long does endorsement last?

Activities and other products can be endorsed for a period of one, two, or three years. However, if the content of an educational product changes by more than 10 per cent, this will require a new endorsement application to be submitted. 

Endorsement for events (such as a conference) lasts for the duration of that event and lapses once the event has taken place.

Endorsed events

Events endorsed by the ACMHN meet a set of strict criteria to provide MHNs with assurance about the course's quality.