Credentialed MHNs

Find Credentialed Mental Health Nurses throughout Australia by searching by each state/territory (updated fortnightly). Buttons to the left will download a PDF of the list for a particualr state or territory within Australia.

There is also a list for credentialed mental health nurses operating outside Australia.

Contacting a mental
health nurse

The lists of Credentialed Mental Health Nurses (CMHNs) provided on this page are:

for employers

  • to confirm the credentialing status of an employee or 
  • to connect with a CMHN in their local area with a view to an employment/engagement relationship.

    for individuals 
  • wishing to connect with an individual CMHN for evidence-based treatment, clinical supervision or other function related to their specialty areas of practice.

The lists provided by ACMHN list may not be used by third parties (individuals or groups) to promote a product, event, business or organisation.