Course accreditation

The ACMHN offers accreditation to education providers who provide postgraduate mental health nursing programs. All programs undergo a meticulous process to ensure they meet the standards for the profession and the criteria required in the National Framework for Postgraduate Mental Health Nursing Education.

It is a process consistent with the Australian Standards for Professional Accreditation Processes (2008) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Quality Framework for the Accreditation function.

About course accreditation

If your institution offers a mental health nursing degree we highly recommend you consider getting your program accredited by the College. The benefits to your institution include:

  • The College directing members and prospective students to undertake a postgraduate mental health nursing degree offered by your organisation
  • Showcasing that courses offered by your organisation are responsive to the needs of industry, the profession and communities, with consistent and acceptable education standards
  • Be able to show that graduates of your courses will be able to practice safely and effectively as specialists in the mental health sector to potential employers of mental health nurses
  • Proving through external, independent assurance the quality of your mental health nursing education programs and how they align with professional standards to prospective students
  • Be able to prove that courses offered by your institute meet the requirements of the National Framework for Postgraduate Mental Health Nursing Education

What programs are eligible?

An existing postgraduate mental health nursing program is eligible for accreditation for a period of five years, providing no major changes are made to the program during that time. Accreditation will be granted once the course has met the criteria for eligibility. A site visit will be required to finalise the application process.

Site visit

A two-day site visit will be required for the finalisation of your accreditation application. The panel reviewers will allocate a minimum of 8-12 weeks to review the application.

Application process

  • Download and read through the below documentation.
  • Contact the ACMHN to discuss your application (email: to set a date for application submission, and tentative dates for the site visit.
  • Liaise with the ACMHN as you collate the evidence for your application, particularly if you have any questions or need to amend your submission date.
  • Submit your application by the due date along with the appropriate fee.
  • Details for the site visit will be confirmed with you. An agenda for the site visit will be prepared in collaboration with your institution and the ACMHN. 
  • Participate in the site visit.
  • Receive a draft report from the ACMHN and provide any feedback/amendments.
  • The ACMHN Accreditation Committee make recommendations to the ACMHN Board of Directors.
  • Receive final confirmation from the ACMHN about the status of your application.
  • Provide a blurb about the course and the organisation logo to the ACMHN for promotion on the website. You will also receive the ACMHN accreditation logo which may be used to promote the program on your website.

Resources list

You will need the following documentation for your application:

Information for universities seeking accreditation

This guide provides education organisations with a clear outline of the accreditation process.

Professional Standards and Guidelines 

The Standards and Guidelines include the educational standards that have been broadly agreed upon that are expected of postgraduate mental health nursing education providers in order for their programs to be accredited.

A National Framework for Postgraduate Mental Health Nurse Education

The purpose of the National Framework for Postgraduate Mental Health Nursing Education is to advance career progression of graduates into the specialty.

Site Evaluation Team (SET) guide for universities

The SET guide outlines the roles of the people attending the site visit, what needs to be provided during the site visit, and what should occur during a site visit. 

Accreditation application

The accreditation application forms the basis of your application.

Re-accreditation application

For education institutes needing to re-accredit, please download this form.

Fee structure - 2021

First application incl. site visit 


20,000 + GST

Following applications with no major changes and no site visit


15,000 + GST

Following application with major changes incl. site visit


20,000 + GST

Appeals process


2,000 + GST

Please note

  • The accreditation schedule of fees is for courses leading to postgraduate diploma or masters of mental health nursing. In the case of masters degrees that have an embedded post-graduate component, both will be accredited.
  • Application fees can be invoiced on a per-annum basis over the duration of accreditation. For example for first application and site visit, the agreement will allow for an annual payment of $3,000 + GST for a five year period.