Conference awards

The International Mental Health Nursing Conference provides mental health nurses the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other attendees in-person. The topics vary each year to align with the Conference theme, with speakers enjoying the opportunity to present on new ways of approaching a matter. Delegates walk away with a fresh perspective on the topic.

Award recipients and an explanation for each category are listed below. 

First Time Presenter award

The Best First Time Presenter Award is presented to the individual who has never presented at the College's international  conference or any other conference with more than 200 delegates. First time presenters will not have previously presented outside of their organisation/place of work/tertiary institution.

Previous winners

  • 2014 - Alex Fenlon
    Mental Health Nursing and the Partners in Recovery Program: improving coordination of services
  • 2015 - Christine Cummins
  • 2016 - Rebecca Lofts and Jo Ryan
    Mental Health Nursing in a correctional environment: How do we incorporate recovery-oriented practice? 
  • 2017 - Lynne Campbell
    A Nurse's Experience: Working on the Thin Blue Line - collaborative approach to crisis management
  • 2018 - Jos Middleton
    Furtherest corner, finest care
  • 2019 - Ellen Davies
    Integrating research and practice: Development and testing of the Needs in Recovery Assessment (NiRA)
  • 2022 - Patrick Gould
    The role of mental health nurses in addressing vaccine equity through a co-designed vaccine program

General award

The General Award is presented for the best paper presented reporting on management/administration/policy issues, project work, Masters, PhD or other research that does not meet the criteria for the Research Award and the Stan Alchin Award.

Previous winners

  • 2014 - Sandra Hyde
    Project-based learning in a Bachelor of Nursing unit: a pilot study
  • 2015 - Julie Blackburn
  • 2016 - Robert Trett and Stephen Elsom
    Recovering a Lost Art, teaching psychotherapeutic skills to practicing mental health nurses
  • 2017 - Matthew Ball
    Facilitating a trauma informed and recovery orientated approach to psychosis - challenges and rewards
  • 2018 - Christine Cummins
    The Challenges of caring: Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care
  • 2019 - Julie Bradshaw
    Integrating care: What asylum history can tell us
  • 2022 - A tie between
    Elizabeth Kuzmanovska and John Wooderson
    The starting point is the end result, not the behaviour that gets you there

    Niall Higgins
    A non touch approach using artifical intelligence to assist nuring intermittent visual observations

Research award

The Research Award is presented to the best research paper presented.

Previous winners

  • 2010 - Vincent Drinkwater, Antony Mullen, and Jon Chesterson
    Paddling PRN - rates of PRN use by a psychiatric intensive care team
  • 2010 - Runner ups
    S.Matthew, P.Walsh, I.Munro, T.O'Brien

    Sailing towards recovery: client initiated rehabilitation

    Dianne Wynaden
    The Scope of Practice of community mental healt nurses: Define our pratice or paddle alone
  • 2011 - Kim Foster, Andrea McCloughen, and Cynthia Delgado
    What is known about the physical health and wellbeing of emerging adults with mental illness?
  • 2011 - Runner ups
    Matt Dilges
    Integrating theoretical concepts to practice for intervening with systems and children impacted on by trauma

    Etty Matalon and Ursula Perry
    Quitting Cannabis 1-6Kim Foster, Andrea McCloughen, and Cynthia Delgado 
  • 2012 - John Hurley and Paul Lindsey
    Realistic evaluation of nurse-led services within Scottish Police holding cells
  • 2012 - Runner ups
    Mike Hazelton 
    Mental health in comprehensive nursing education: is the fabric really that threadbare?

    Fiona Gosling 
    Weaving mental health into the fabric of the courts 
  • 2013 - Ian Munro and Sini Jacob
    Don't go ahead or behind, walk alongside to understand the real meaning of recovery
  • 2013 - Runner ups
    Andrew Watkins
    Nurse-obtained metabolic monitoring within a psychiatric hospital

    Terance McCann
  • 2014 - Maggie McIntosh
    Is the post anaesthetic care of patients receiving ECT and patients undergoing minor general anaesthesia comparable?
  • 2014 - Runner ups
    Bindu Joseph
    "Working towards shaping the future, little known"; An exploration of the experiences of being an overseas trained nurse from Kerala, India; and working in mental health in Australia

    Peter Santangelo
    Shaping recovery-focused mental health nursing for the future: report of a grounded theory study 
  • 2015- Andrew Watkins
  • 2016- Phillip Maude
  • 2017- David Ekers
  • 2018 - Teresa Kelly 
    Every heart matters: A call for a radical approach to addressing cardio-vascular inequalities
  • 2019 - Sione Vaka
    Ūloa, an ethnic model of integrating mental health care
  • 2022 - A tie between
    Simone Harvey, Jennifer Bennett, and Erica Holder
    Challenging traditional approaches to clinical governance. Mental health nurses leading change.

    Fiona Little
    Thriving at work: Intepreting the perspectives of rural nurses providing mental health care

Stan Alchin Award

The Stan Alchin Award is presented to the best clinical paper presented by a clinician or group of clinicians. To be eligible for the ACMHN Stan Alchin Award it is a requirement that presenters and authors are clinicians.

Previous winners

  • 2010 - Sue Wilson 
    Assessment of risk and management of metabolic syndrome: a nurse-led clinic for consumers of mobile assertive mental health care teams
  • 2010 - Runner ups
    Blackford and Benham

    S. Trueman
  • 2011 - Margaret Sullivan
    Drowning not waving! Identifying stress and trauma during pregnancy and the early years. Lifesavers in adult mental health settings
  • 2011 - Runner ups
    Derrith Harris
    Working with people who kill

    Shannon Asa 
    Learning to swim between your own flags: Assisting young people with a disability to make ethical judgements and develop healthy sexuality
  • 2012 - Scott Trueman
    Engaging Aboriginal clients in remote mental health services; who assesses the assessor? It's a foreign experience for most
  • 2012 - Runner ups
    Nadia de Vecchi 
    Introducing art therapy into psychiatric rehabilitation in rural Australia: a reflective description

    Melissa Walker 
    Understanding Indigenous women's social and emotional wellbeing and wellness program development in conjunction with ATSI women
  • 2013 - Vincent Drinkwater
    Collaborative Approach to the Management of Acute Behavioural Disturbance
  • 2013 - Runner ups
    Karen Collidge and Joanne Webb
    Expanding the clinical practice domains and developing  collaborative models of care – The Mental Health Nurse and Family Based Treatment (FBT) for young people and their families who are experiencing anorexia or bulimia nervosa

    Janice Jankovic
    Talking the same language
  • 2014 - Judith Foord
    SSHOPS - A suicide prevention pilot project for a nurse practitioner model of care
  • 2014 - Runner ups
    Matthew Ball
    Reigniting the passion of the human to human relationship: the courage to suffer

    Ah-Nya On
    From the locked wards of mental institutions to nurse entrepreneur - the journey
  • 2015- Nicole Butterfield 
  • 2016- Katie Bleus and Antony Mullen
    Addressing power inequalities in people a Community MH Service: A positive risk taking approach
  • 2017- Anita Mansfield
    The elephant in the ward: Metabolic syndrome and what nurses in acute settings can do
  • 2018 - Justine Fletcher
    Impact of Safewards training and subsequent implementation into practice in Victoria
  • 2019 - Judith Foord
    Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in crisis services-central to integrated care!
  • 2022 - Nirosha Kodikara
    E-health and Tele-Health Mental Health Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Best Poster Award

Previous winners

  • 2014 - John Riley
    The Wik Warriors Story
  • 2015 - Maria Fitzgerald
  • 2016 - A tie between
    Josephien Rio
    The enactment of accountability be mental health nurses

    Anita Cregan
    Students intention to work in mental health: analysing their motivation
  • 2017 - Glynis Thorp
    Royal Flying Doctor Service Southeast Section Mental Health Service
  • 2018 - Christine Palmer
    A biomedical view dismisses the human experience of trauma
  • 2019 - Renee Hall
    The role of the mental health facilitator in student learning
  • 2022 - Katrina Campbell
    Knowledge and attitudes of MHN's working with people in BPD in crisis roles in Australia