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The ACMHN newsletter

The ACMHN College Connections newsletter is a fortnightly publication by the College to update its members on the newest developments in regards to mental health nursing, share events, surveys, and more. To access the newsletter, please log into the members portal.

January 2023 - Edition 1

The College's new CEO, Adrian Armitage, gives an insight into the first few weeks of 2023 and what the plans are for the rest of the year. The newsletter also publishes the line up of events for the next couple of months and announces that applications for the 2023 Fellowship are now being accepted.

December 2022 - Edition 24

Stephen says farewell to the College membership, provides a wrap up of what has happened over the past three years, and wishes everyone the best of luck. Our new Scientific Chair, Cathy Daniels, also announces abstracts opening this week and the Branch Committees and SIG Chairs are thanked for their hard work.

November 2022 - Edition 23

The College announces the new CEO, provides a wrap-up of the AGM, and asks that members share their experience and knowledge with a number of students conducting research and studies. 

November 2022 - Edition 22

The College provides the recording for two recent, large events - the Power Threat Meaning Framework and the Member's Forum and calls for EOI's for the 2023 Scientific Committee. We also encourage you to attend the 2022 AGM. 

November 2022 - Edition 21

The College shares the progress being made with politicians, the work being done for the 2023 Conference, and the College's response to the Federal Government's October Federal Budget. 

October 2022 - Edition 20

The College provides notification that the next AGM will be held shortly and planning for next year's Conference has begun. Stephen also gives an insight into upcoming meetings he is holding with decision makers at both a federal and state level.

October 2022 - Edition 19

The College talks about life post Conference and the amazing feedback we have received from attendees, but also asks College members to attend an upcoming event with Dr Lucy Johnstone and Matthew Ball. The CEO also talks about the ongoing search for a new CEO. 

September 2022 - Edition 18

The College provides a wrap up of the Conference and asks for mental health nurses with experience with older Australians, and/or in the NDIS space, to contribute to papers and submissions being elicited from the College. 

September 2022 - Edition 17

The College provides an on-the-ground update about #ACMHN2022 from the Gold Coast, promotes the discussions the College has had with Professor Alison McMillan, Commonwealth Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, and urges our mental health nurses to help update the current Australian Guide for Assessment and Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder guidelines. 

August 2022 - Edition 16

The College provides more information about the upcoming #ACMHN2022 Conference, the Victorian government's release of a double degree proposal, and ongoing discussions and meetings with senior bureaucrats and politicians.

August 2022 - Edition 15

The College talks about the work being done to educate the new cohort of political advisors and bureaucrats about what a mental health nurse is and what support can be offered to bolster the mental healthcare system. The College also provides an update on the Conference, with a large number of people registered to attend and confirmation that Christine Morgan will be providing the opening address. 

July 2022 - Edition 14

The College discusses the success of the upcoming #ACMHN2022 Conference, the meetings with senior bureaucrats and politicians, and responds to the ABS' National Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey.

July 2022 - Edition 13

The College announces the resignation of our CEO, Stephen Jackson. Stephen looks back fondly on his three years guiding the College through turbulent times whilst ensuring the organisation continued to advocate for mental health nurses and deliver exceptional services. 

June 2022 - Edition 12

The College welcomes the new Labor Government and discusses the work already being done to reach out to new decision makers. The financial position of the College is touched on, whilst looking towards the success of the 46th International Mental Health Nursing Conference.

June 2022 - Edition 11

The College discusses the changes at the Board level, the re-establishment of the Branch for the greater Sydney area, and congratulates Board Director Francis Aquah who has been recognised at a recent ceremony for his advocacy for Africans both in Australia and overseas. 

June 2022 - Edition 10

The College talks about the work it is doing to ensure the new federal government knows about us, the 2022 ACMHN Conference and the planned 115 sessions, and asks that members be patient with requests as the Canberra office is lightly crewed due to staff taking leave.

May 2022 - Edition 9

The College is delighted to have received so many new abstracts for the September conference. We are working our way through them now and will get in touch with you. We also urge you to vote in the federal election this Saturday, and encourage you to send our pre-election submission to your local member.

May 2022 - Edition 8

The College talks about the advocacy work it is doing to increase the Federal Government's recognition of mental health nurses, the upcoming online events being held, and would like to reiterate to any members affected by the floods in recent months to reach out if they need assistance. We would also like to remind members to secure their booking for the International Conference, and that the close date for abstract submissions is fast approaching.

April 2022 - Edition 7

The College discusses the pre-election submission it has written, outlining how mental health nurses can be better utilised to support the Australian health care system. We also welcome our new board members and encourage you to join our new Contemplative Practices Special Interest Group.

April 2022 - Edition 6

The College talks about the disappointment of the Federal Government once again overlooking mental health nurses and introduces the new Contemplative SIG being run by Dr Susan Sumskis. A small number of openings are available for abstracts for the International Conference, so get in quick!

March 2022 - Edition 5

The College continues to meet with politicians in both government and opposition advocating for better recognition of mental health nurses, there are many SIG and Branch events coming up prior to the International Conference in September, and we have a new staff member joining the Canberra team.

March 2022 - Edition 4

The College offers its support to the mental health nurses who have been affected by the recent Queensland and NSW floods, announces it is seeking new Board members to join the ACMHN team, and joins the International Council of Nurses in condemning the attacks on Ukrainian healthcare workers. 

February 2022 - Edition 3

The College is looking for volunteers to become Endorsement Application Assessors and has recently accredited the Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education. There have been some changes to the ACMHN Board, with Professor Mike Hazelton stepping down as president.

February 2022 - Edition 2

The College announces the postponement of the International Conference until September, joins other peak nursing bodies condemning the Federal Government, and seeks members to tell their story.

January 2022 - Edition 1

The College's focus for the year is seeing what the effects of the Omicron wave are, working with politicians in the lead up to impending Federal Election, and what the College gives back to it's members.

December 2021 - Edition 25

The College looks back at the year that has been as we move forward to 2022.

December 2021 - Edition 24

The Board met to take into consideration feedback provided at the AGM and Member's Forum last week, as well as plan for 2022. The College continues to meet with ministers and advisors. 

November 2021 - Edition 23

The College has been busy recently, with a number of successful SIG and Branch meetings, and the Strategic and Governance Plan by the Board being presented at the AGM next week.

November 2021 - Edition 22

The ACMHN Symposium is taking place in the Gold Coast and online, and the College welcomes the  the final report by the Australian House of Representatives Select Committee on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

October 2021 - Edition 21

An open letter was signed by various colleges, peak bodies, and individuals in support of ACMHN's work, two new SIGs have started up, and the ACMHN Symposium is getting closer. 

October 2021 - Edition 20

The new College website has gone live, further work is being done with a number of mental health organisations, and two ACMHN members have submitted stories about their career.

September 2021 - Edition 19

SIGs and Branches are expanding, and the College thanks members who have participated participating in policy reviews, panels, and submissions.

September 2021 - Edition 18

Whilst Canberra office remains in lockdown, the College is assisting with the design of a national mental health online platform and has partnered with THIS WAY UP. 

September 2021 - Edition 17

The Conference has been rescheduled for 2022, the College is continuing to provide support to various review panels, and information about the recent press releases and the interest by journalists.

August 2021 - Edition 16

The Canberra office is in lockdown, but the College is providing assistance and advice to the National Mental Health Workforce Taskforce and the Victorian Royal Commission.

August 2021 - Edition 15

The College is asking for help to compile information about the organisation's history, Fellowship applications are open, and further updates about the Conference keynote speakers. 

July 2021 - Edition 14

The College is seeking input for mental health nursing stories, and is looking to establish a Nurse Educator Special Interest Group.

July 2021 - Edition 13

End-of-financial-year statements are now available, the ACMHN is holding meetings with federal and state governments, and we present the newest edition of the IJMHN journal.