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The ACMHN newsletter

The ACMHN College Connections newsletter is a fortnightly publication by the College to update its members on the newest developments in regards to mental health nursing, share events, surveys, and more. To access the newsletter, please log into the members portal.

November 2021 - Edition 23

The College has been busy recently, with a number of successful SIG and Branch meetings, and the Strategic and Governance Plan by the Board being presented at the AGM next week.

November 2021 - Edition 22

The ACMHN Symposium is taking place in the Gold Coast and online, and the College welcomes the  the final report by the Australian House of Representatives Select Committee on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

October 2021 - Edition 21

An open letter was signed by various colleges, peak bodies, and individuals in support of ACMHN's work, two new SIGs have started up, and the ACMHN Symposium is getting closer. 

October 2021 - Edition 20

The new College website has gone live, further work is being done with a number of mental health organisations, and two ACMHN members have submitted stories about their career.

September 2021 - Edition 19

SIGs and Branches are expanding, and the College thanks members who have participated participating in policy reviews, panels, and submissions.

September 2021 - Edition 18

Whilst Canberra office remains in lockdown, the College is assisting with the design of a national mental health online platform and has partnered with THIS WAY UP. 

September 2021 - Edition 17

The Conference has been rescheduled for 2022, the College is continuing to provide support to various review panels, and information about the recent press releases and the interest by journalists.

August 2021 - Edition 16

The Canberra office is in lockdown, but the College is providing assistance and advice to the National Mental Health Workforce Taskforce and the Victorian Royal Commission.

August 2021 - Edition 15

The College is asking for help to compile information about the organisation's history, Fellowship applications are open, and further updates about the Conference keynote speakers. 

July 2021 - Edition 14

The College is seeking input for mental health nursing stories, and is looking to establish a Nurse Educator Special Interest Group.

July 2021 - Edition 13

End-of-financial-year statements are now available, the ACMHN is holding meetings with federal and state governments, and we present the newest edition of the IJMHN journal.