A better year for the College

Wednesday 7 July 2021

The new government in Canberra is starting to hit its straps and we are now well into the early phase of educating the new cohort of political advisors and bureaucrats as to exactly what a MHN is, and where a qualified MHN sits in the mental health sphere. We have obtained more advisory seats in the ongoing review of Better Access, and have meetings lined up with a number of politicians in the next parliamentary sitting which happens to coincide with our Conference. Speaking of the Conference, we are very pleased that Commissioner and CEO of the National Mental Health Commission, Christine Morgan, has agreed to open our Conference and is very keen to understand how better to utilise qualified MHNs. Registrations have exceeded expectations, and support by organisations has been very strong. This Conference is proving to be a great basis for the ongoing growth and visibility of the College. 

An interesting conversation with advisors in Canberra relating to the Acknowledgement of Country and some wording used in some meetings I have attended in Wiradjuri country. The additional words used are “ … and we extend that respect to the ancient ones, from whom all in this meeting are descended”. It seems an inclusive and positive addition engendering collaboration and mutual respect to all. An interesting development.

Today is my 65th birthday, and as indicated previously, I am working with a Board committee to identify my successor. We have reached out to the membership and are now widening the net. I have agreed to stay on until the successor is identified to ensure a smooth handover. I look forward to speaking with many of you at the Conference in a few weeks.

Take care
Stephen Jackson
Chief Executive Officer


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