Child and adolescent mental health e-learning course

This online program will provide participants with a thorough understanding of child and adolescent mental health, by becoming familiar with normal child and adolescent development and developing knowledge on ways to optimise engagement and build rapport with young people. The course will assist participants with an understanding on how to conduct an effective assessment to maximise information about biological, psychological, social and developmental factors that may be impacting on a young person’s mental health and develop evidence-based treatment plans considering the family, social and cultural context. 

An overview of some of the common presentations in childhood and adolescence including anxiety concerns, depression and related mood disorders will be provided. Participants will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to respond to young people who present with anxiety and depression and other serious mental health conditions.

This Course comprises 6 self-paced modules and includes practical examples, reflective tasks, readings and an online assessment quiz. CSS utilises for training videos used within the course to demonstrate a range of evidence based assessment, formulation and treatment approaches across the various modules

Course content:

  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Engagement, Assessment and Formulation
  • Anxiety Disorders of Childhood and Youth
  • Assessment and Management of Depression
  • Assessing and Responding to Suicide Risk
  • Serious Mental Health Issues


24 December 2021 - 24 December 2024





60 points


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