Certificate in psychedelic-assisted therapies

The Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies by Mind Medicine Australia (MMA CPAT) has been developed primarily to meet the anticipated demand for trained therapists to provide regulatory-approved and research-backed psychedelic-assisted therapies for the treatment of mental ill-health in Australia. It is also expected that trained clinicians will be needed to work in research trials as they expand in Australia.

The training certificate follows world best practice following review of current practices including protocols developed by MAPS and the REBUS model developed at Imperial College London.

The course will provide you with skills to:

  • Participate in research studies as a guide working with other team members
  • Provide skills for joint provision of psychedelic-assisted therapy under the Special Access Scheme or Expanded Access Scheme
  • Provide you with skills for psychological therapy with people who have experienced psychedelics in other settings and who want integration
    work and/or on-going therapy
  • Provide skills for an anticipated future when psychedelic medicines become legally available for use in appropriate settings (not for current illegal use)
  • Learning outcomes, content, and assessment

The course will take place over a period of four months and will involve:

  • 90 hours of live or webinar-based tuition, and practical instruction.
    Additional reading and self-study expected of participants.
  • Pre-course reading schedule
  • Intensives:
    • A weekend in Melbourne (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) to consolidate the basic learning and help relate this to your own practice.
    • A weekend of Holotropic Breathwork (Friday night to Sunday afternoon, providing the potential opportunity to experience an altered state without psychedelics, to care for someone else and to experience being taken care of.
    • One full week Intensive, (Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon) with primary focus on practical learning and consolidating of therapeutic skills, working with videos of real sessions, role play, feedback on skills learning and further development guidance.
  • Interim weeks: Reading and self-study weeks. Webinar/ lectures: Pre-reading, three hours plus discussion (4 sessions)
  • Final evaluations – a written task, plus evaluation of performance throughout the course.
  • ACMHN Endorsement Application Package
  • Supervised practice following the course


26 November 2021 - 26 November 2022

Provider :

Mind Medicine Australia


90 points


Ilan Hayman

0402 749 997



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