Best practice resources

The College offers a series of best practice resources to our members and the public, among them our Mental Health Nursing Practice Standards, General Practice Standards, and the Scope of Practice. 

We also provide some information for mental health nurses working in private practice and would like to access Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers. Unfortunately these are very limited since the cessation of the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP). The College is continuing to advocate for better access for mental health nurses in this space.

Working in private practice and the Medicare Benefits Schedule

This document outlines information about MBS items accessible to mental health nurses. Unfortunately, MHNs are still not able to claim for services under Better Access.

General Practice Standards: for Nurses in General Practice

Practice Standards define and describe the practice of nurses, and aim to guide practice, and support the delivery of mental health care by nurses working in general practice and other primary health care settings. They provide an important framework against which nurses can self-assess their professional development needs and adjust their clinical practice.

Clinical supervision poster

This poster highlights the most important parts of building a trusting professional alliance.

Mental Health Nurses in Australia: Scope of Practice and Standards of Practice

The Scope of Practice describes what mental health nurses do in the complex and changeable world of health. It is a guide for MHNs to to engage with and then determine roles and functions that create opportunities for professional growth and development.

Standards of Practice for Australian Mental Health Nurses

The Standards of Practice provide practical benchmarks to guide and measure how care is provided. They are concerned with the performance of mental health nurses across a range of clinical environments and include professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes (attributes).

National support service for midwifes, nurses, and students

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged health workers all around the globe. This Nurse & Midwife Support resource shines a light on tools and techniques midwifes, nurses, and students can use to care for themselves and reach out to each other when they feel stressed or overwhelmed.