Age, frailty, loneliness, and suicide

Aim: Discuss how trauma informed care can support the mental health care of older Australians

Learning outcomes:
Through a facilitated panel discussion, about trauma informed care, at the completion of the webinar participants will:

  • Discuss how the long-lasting effects of trauma can influence the life of older Australians.
  • Outline the types of treatment and support sought by older people who have experienced trauma.
  • Discuss practical tips and strategies to engage in trauma informed care with older people.
  • Identify ways to improve interdisciplinary collaboration and referral pathways in the care of older people. 


Wednesday 29 June 2022

Recording online until 2023


7:15pm-8:30pm (AEST)




Julie Middleton

1800 209 031


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E/Prof. Judith Atkinson (NSW - International Indigenous Trauma Healing Educator and Researcher)

Dr. Johanna Lynch (QLD – GP)

Dr. Duncan McKellar (SA – Psychiatrist)

Facilitated by Dr Stephen Ginsborg (NSW based GP)


mental health nursing

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