ACMHN responds to new Federal Government

Wednesday 29 June 2022

The new Labor government has hit the ground running and is already enacting promises made during the election, resulting in changes to both the healthcare and wider industries. However, policies put into place by the previous government, in particular the new NDIS policies, are only now coming to light and have caused waves. The Department of Health and the NDIS are also contending with the new political leadership.

We have reached out to new policy-makers, governing bodies, and a number of influential lobbyists who are either responsible for, or who have an interest in mental health. There is renewed interest in qualified mental health nurses and we have started educating these new decision-makers.

We are approaching the end of the financial year and the effects of three missed conferences and a pandemic are being felt. Even though the College will post a loss for this financial year, we are looking forward to growth and enhanced relevance in the new landscape with the newly enhanced Board.The 2022 ACMHN Conference in September is certainly shaping up as one of the best ever, with both sponsorship support and registrations continuing to be well in front of past years. Additionally, we have a number of excellent keynote speakers presenting, such as the Commonwealth Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Professor (Practice) Allison McMillan PSM. The Conference will mark a turning point for the College, enhanced by the return to the presidency of a recovered Professor Mike Hazelton, and positive plans for the year ahead.

To aid the work being done for the Conference and enhance the voice of the College, we have recruited an additional communications officer, who will be commencing 11 July. We look forward to lifting our profile again,and driving the visibility of the Conference even further.

Take care

Stephen Jackson

Chief Executive Officer


mental health nursing

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