ACMHN CEO Stephen Jackson bids farewell

Wednesday 13 July 2022

I joined the College three years ago for a short, two-month contract. As my 65th birthday approaches I feel it is time for my retirement, and therefore time I hand over the reins of the College to a new leader. My successor can then focus long-term on the new government, bureaucracy, and challenges ahead. I have discussed my impending retirement extensively with the Board and we have positively and mutually agreed to a managed and transparent transition with the International Conference in September being the target for handing over to the new CEO. The Board has established a sub-committee which is driving the recruitment and transition process.

My three years has been focused on the continued existence of the College both financially and reputationally, the visibility of the College as a professional entity with government and stakeholders, and delivery of services with a tight, efficient, and caring team. Despite a significant financial loss in the first year and dealing with many changes and hard decisions, we have managed to post surpluses each year since. This is despite the starting position of the College’s finances, pandemics, and three cancelled or postponed conferences. With the International Conference having all the signs of being a great success, I am confident there is a firm framework in place for the growth of the College into the bright future.

My thanks go to an incredible office team who have supported our work in difficult times, and to the four presidents I have worked closely and pragmatically with, Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Tom Ryan, Mike Hazelton, and John Hurley.

To support the smooth transition, and before going public, we are inviting members of the College with the relevant management, commercial, and advocacy skills to submit an Expression of Interest for the CEO role during the next week.

Please email with a brief EOI, and the sub-committee will then be in touch to discuss the role further.
In the meantime, there are a raft of new bureaucrats and political operatives to begin to identify, member advocacy to pursue, office matters to sort out, and a successful International Conference to organise.

I would also like to welcome Sophie Howard to the team as Communications Officer.Sophie has strong training and experience in the field, along with time at the Department of Health which stands her in good stead to understand the College and its objectives.

Take care

Stephen Jackson
Chief Executive Officer


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