About us

Setting the standard through the pursuit of excellence, the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN) is the voice of the mental health nursing profession in Australia. The College is the peak professional mental health nursing organisation and the recognised credentialing body for Australia's mental health nurses. We represent mental health nurses across all levels of government and health service sectors.

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Board & governance

The ACMHN has an elected Board of Directors comprised of a highly committed group of people with skills in mental health nursing, advocacy, health and higher education, governance, strategic planning, and quality improvement.

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Our staff

The ACMHN office staff run the College's operations under the guidance of the CEO. They work across administration, events, finance, membership, credentialing, and communications to support mental health nurses and the College's membership.

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Our branches

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses has several branches across Australia. The branches help the College stay connected to its members, and provide a first local point of contact in their respective areas.

Our committees

The ACMHN has a number of committees that advise the board on important decisions regarding accreditation, education, and more. 

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What mental health nurses do

Mental health nurses (MHNs) play a crucial role in Australia's mental health care services.  Taking a holistic approach, guided by evidence, the mental health nurse works in collaboration with people who have mental health issues, their family and community, towards recovery as defined by the individual.

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What is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse?

A Credentialed Mental Health Nurse (CMHN) has been recognised for their qualifications, skills, expertise, and experience within the speciality of mental health nursing. MHNs need to demonstrate meeting a series of criteria relating to registration, education, practice experience, professional development, and professional integrity to become a CMHN.

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