A personal message and next year's plan

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Yet another busy week, but with sad overtones as my Dad passed away a few days ago. It certainly makes one value one’s family, friends, and dare I say, career choices as community and connectedness are such a hallmark of happiness. May I add my deep thanks to the office staff and to the Board for their understanding and amazing assistance at this time. With board  meetings, new CEO, end-of-year, politicians, bureaucracy, and an AGM there are many things happening, and my currently
distracted mode is being well managed and supported by all.

The process of handing over to my successor is progressing well, and we expect to make an announcement in the next few days. Work with Assistant Minister McBride continues and  development of recognition of qualified MHNs progresses well. Work on submissions aimed at the 2023 Budget is progressing and is being well received at both government and political levels. Our new CEO has excellent networks to support our cause, as well as a family of nurses and psychologists. 

The 2023 Conference is already well in train and is looking like an even bigger event than the Gold Coast. The team is busy already. 

Take care, be close to those that matter to you, and work out the really important things in your life long-term. 

Heartfelt regards

Stephen Jackson



mental health nursing

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