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Wednesday 13 September 2021

After a long and tedious exercise, with the odd wrong turn, the ACMHN website is now online and looking great. Thank you to the team who have worked long and hard to get here, and thank you all for your patience as we navigated an interesting history of design and delivery.

With a dedicated small team at the College, we have finally reached the next phase. This will provide a great opportunity for communication with our members and the greater community. Please follow the steps outlined in separate emails to members about setting up your profiles and SIG memberships. There is more development happening with discussion forums and more information being made available online. Inevitably, there will be the odd glitch, but I am sure we can resolve them as soon as we know about them.

The College has been busy working with like-minded organisations, furthering the recognition and visibility of qualified mental health nurses. Some of the organisations and College representations include the Mental Health Professionals Network, Higher Education Governing Council, Victorian Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Advisory Group, Mental Health Professionals Association, Centre of Perinatal Excellence, National Mental Health Workforce Taskforce, Better Access review panel, Australian College of Nursing, Mental Health Australia, Equally Well Alliance, Parliamentary Friends of Nursing, DoH Advisory Panel, the Victorian Mental Health Policy Network, amongst many more, both government and private. We are being heard, but always appreciate feedback from those of you out there who can highlight a reference point that could provide yet more visibility for MHNs.

We also have a fantastic ACMHN Symposium coming up on 12 November that will shine a spotlight on why mental health nurses are the solution to Australia's ailing mental health care system. Don't miss out - we're offering some great fees for online and in-person attendance. If you're looking for an interesting read, I also highly recommend ACMHN President Mike Hazelton and Vice-President John Hurley's interview with the ABC. They discussed the lack of access to MBS items for MHNs, and why now is the best time for change. 

Take care in these interesting times 

Stephen Jackson



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