A new Board for the College

Wednesday 15 June 2022

As we enter the next three years of a new federal government and a new minister who is interested in mental health nurses, we are also fast approaching our first conference in three years where registrations are booming.

We have also seen a number of changes at the Board level. Over the past month or so we have had new Directors join, various resignations, and casual appointments to ensure a strong Board between now and the AGM later in the year. The newly appointed Directors for three years were Richard Lakeman and Francis Acquah, with Claire Hudson-McAuley as a casual appointment who has recently resigned. Monica Taylor, Vicki Green, and Donna Hansen-Vella were elected two years ago have also resigned.

We are pleased to announce that the Board unanimously agreed to ask Eimear Muir-Cochrane (former President), Jill Reid (Chair of the Education and Accreditation Committee), and Pat Bradley (Northern Territory Branch Committee member) to come forward as casual appointments. Along with John Hurley (VP and interim President), Mike Hazelton (President currently on leave), and Mick Blair (nominated Director as Chair of the Council of Branches) we have a Board that comprises both board experience and corporate knowledge, as well as an external focus to decide the direction of the College with the new government and post-pandemic social environment we find ourselves in.

The process of handling Board resignations and the subsequent casual filling of vacancies has taken a little time. This is to ensure we follow the process and seek relevant advice on correct outcomes before advising members of the full arrangements in this edition of College Connections.

I would like to thank Vicki for her work in establishing the Southern Queensland branch which she will continue to chair, Donna for her review of the Constitution and procedures, Monica for her role as Vice President and continued role as Western Australia Branch Chair, and Claire for her insights into hiring and reporting. The new members of the Board bring a new set of skills, history with the College, and different views of the future of the College. I look forward to working with them through to the conference.

On another positive growth front, I would like to mention and thank Matt Ireland who has stepped up to re-establish a branch for the greater Sydney area. The first meeting of this branch will be 5pm AEST on Thursday 30 June 2022. Matt will be in touch with local members with further details.

Take care,
Stephen Jackson
Chief Executive Officer


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