450 delegates meeting in Sydney to discuss integrated care

Friday 4 October 2019

The 45th International Mental Health Nursing Conference in Sydney will explore the concept of integration and mental health. The three-day conference themed 'Integrated Care: People, Practice, Policy will' feature a breadth of topics ranging from person-centred care, substance use disorders, gut health, greater role for the use of technology and social media, and with a focus on consumers, families, and carers.

This year’s conference will be a platform for delegates to discuss how and why mental health nurses are a critical part of achieving a more comprehensive, people-centred health care system. To ensure people receive holistic care, delegates will explore the barriers and enablers of what makes a good integrated care system.

ACMHN President Professor Eimear Muir-Cochrane said that ‘nurses are the glue that link all facets of health care – they assess, treat, advocate and support people to receive the care and treatment they need’.

An integrated health system would not be possible without a sound mental health nursing workforce which should be a key priority for all governments.

Furthermore, developing the skills of approximately 370,000 nurses and midwives in Australia will help to better identify and support the mental health of individuals. This is imperative to ensure systems are integrated across illness, wellness and lifespan.

Nurses’ ability to understand and assess a patient’s clinical, emotional, and social needs can help advocate for and utilise available resources to create consumer focused care plans.

As nurses are offering direct patient care around the clock, they have a unique and focused view of how that care could and should be provided.

The College is calling on all government and nursing and midwifery organisations to get behind the call for nurses to lead the way in supporting a truly integrated health care system.

For media enquiries please email communications@acmhn.org. 


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