115 sessions planned for Conference

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Another election, another government. Whilst it has not yet been announced who the new ministers will be, the College has already approached the likely new occupants of the relevant ministerial posts and are looking to meet with the relevant government departments. I expect the next 100 days will have everyone finding their feet and looking to see what needs attention, so a lot of listening and building lists, which we intend to be included on.

The 2022 ACMHN Conference is continuing to steam ahead, with registrations up and an incredible 115 sessions planned over the three days. We encourage you to view the new program. In discussions with other organisations, online events are waning through zoom fatigue, and in-person meetings are taking off. Having confidence in events going ahead is growing quickly, and we are not seeing any signs of issues.

We have entered winter and the flu is making a return – I had this year’s vaccine last week.

The office is lightly crewed for the next few weeks as some of our staff have taken leave, one is headed home to England to visit family and another is off to a wedding. This is in preparation for the conference effort ahead. We run a small team that supports each other very well, but when someone is away we always have a gap. The remaining staff do their best to fill the space, but there is only so much that can be done in any given timeframe. Please be patient and kind when dealing with the team remaining in the office.

Take care in this decidedly colder weather.

Stephen Jackson
Chief Executive Officer


mental health nursing

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